… is a multidisciplinary collaboration of former members of the “Responsibility in the IoT” research group:
Andrea Hamm
Hans-Christian Gräfe, LL.M.
Rainer Rehak

RG Responsibilty in the Internet of Things

… is no more.

The former multidisciplinary research team identified white spots in research, investigates buzzwords, keywords, and concepts from “Industry 4.0” or “Smart Citizenship” to data platforms with regard to responsibility, liability and regulation. Despite its name, the “Internet of Things” is not about “things on the Internet”, but about a huge market with new products and a new currency called “data”.

We tackled following questions:

  • When was the term “Internet of Things” coined by whom and in which context?
  • How is this topic reported on, which narratives can be observed, who participates in the discourse, which voices are heard?