Dr. Stefan Ullrich

Research group lead

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stefan ullrich

I am an Informatician with a minor degree in Philosophy who is researching at the Weizenbaum Institute Berlin on the impact of ubiquitous information technology systems on society. I am group lead of the research group »Responsibility and the Internet of Things« working together with a wonderful interdisciplinary team. The Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society was funded in 2017 by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. From 2011 to 2019, I was spokesperson for the specialist group »Informatics and Ethics« of the German Society for Computer Science (Gesellschaft für Informatik). In 2019, I was appointed as member of the Expert Commission for the Third Gender Equality Report of the German Federal Government. I live, research, and teach in Berlin.


Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society. Research Group Lead »Responsibility and the Internet of Things«. Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Ina Schieferdecker and Prof. Dr. Bettina Berendt


Appointed as Member of the Expert Commission for the Third Gender Equality Report of the German Federal Government by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ), headed by Federal Minister Dr. Franziska Giffey. ↘https://twitter.com/gleichgerecht


Initiator »@TuringBus«, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education (BMBF). The @TuringBus is a mobile educational project focusing on the politcal side of Informatics. Its Infonauts (as the mentoring crew calles itself) are teaching Digital Literacy, Empowerment, and Critical Thinking through making and coding. ↘https://twitter.com/turingbus


PhD in Informatics, PhD Thesis on »Information Technology Fundamentals, Tools and Practices of Public Reasoning« (magna cum laude). Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Coy (Informatics), Dr. Volker Grassmuck (Sociology), and Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Kreowski (Informatics) ↘https://edoc.hu-berlin.de/handle/18452/18436


Academic Staff in the Cluster of Excellence »Image Knowledge Gestaltung«, Humboldt University of Berlin. Research Group »Shaping Knowledge«. Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Coy (Informatics) and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schäffner (Cultural History).


Academic Staff in the Working Group »Informatics in Education and Society«, Humboldt University of Berlin, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Coy.


Diploma in Informatics, Humboldt University of Berlin Diploma Thesis on One Laptop per Child’s Constructionism (1,0) Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Coy (Informatics) and Prof. Dr. Claus Pias (Media Sciences)


Graduate Degree (Minor) in Philosophy on the topic: »What is Information?« Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Volker Gerhardt (Philosophy), Humboldt University of Berlin


Study of Informatics and Philosophy Humboldt University of Berlin



2020: Boulevard Digital, Springer (as author)
2017: Informationstechnische Grundlagen… (thesis, edoc)
2012: Per Anhalter durch die Turing-Galaxis (as editor)

Book Chapters

2019: Algorithmen, Daten und Ethik. In: Maschinenethik
2018: Moralische Maschinen. In: Maschinenethik
2017: Ausrechnen statt entscheiden. In: CSR and Responsibility

Journal Articles

2014: Informationelle Mü(n)digkeit



2018: Calculemus (ÖFIT)
2016: Kleine Geschichten verborgener Technik